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We can complete your Logbook / Warranty Service 

It is a little known fact that you don't have to have your new vehicle serviced by the dealer.


We understand the car you drive is one of the most important investments you make, that's why Coyote Auto is here to help you look after it.

Coyote Auto offers a Logbook service that will follow your car manufacturers recommended service schedule, so you can be confident your car gets the checks, adjustments, and genuine oils and parts it needs, just like it would at the dealer. And best of all... your warranty remains intact!

  • We perform the services required as recommended by the manufacturer's service schedule.

  • We only use oils and fluids approved by the manufacturer.

  • We use genuine or quality aftermarket parts that meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications.

  • We provide an invoice that clearly reflects the service as required by the manufacturer and we'll stamp your service logbook. 


Following your vehicle's recommended service schedule can help keep your vehicle reliable and maintain its resale value.  Service schedules are developed by each vehicle manufacturer to highlight the recommended minimum maintenance requirements for a particular model. Most vehicles' warranties require this minimum recommended maintenance to remain valid. 

So with this in mind... we can service your new car or even your entire fleet of brand new vehicles - and we will we get you booked in sooner, charge you less and give you the service you deserve!  Get on board now - contact us today.

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